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this is a completely serious topic. we always think that seatbelts don’t really do much. but seatbelts really can save lives. Sometimes society just needs that extra nudge from a serious incident before they realize how important this is. Eunbi wasn’t wearing her seatbelt at the time of the…


Whats really tragic about whats happening to LadiesCode is, the members with minor injuries don’t know if they’re going to lose another member.. and the members in critical condition, aren’t even aware a member passed away..


The news of Ladies code’ EunB passing away really scared me. It’s like, everything was alright the night before, nobody knew something like this would’ve happened. It’s just so sudden. It’s scary to face the truth and reality. We really don’t know what’s gonna happen next. R.I.P EunB and let’s all pray for the other 2 members, Sojung and RiSe that are currently under critical condition.


the first thing i read once my laptop turned on is that eunB and her chauffeur have passed away, and till now, i still can’t believe it. it’s just ..

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And I’m still processing…

Queen Nana.

Queen Nana.

Nana’s cute laugh 

She’s so lovely

FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money (Music Video)

FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money
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New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. Ali’s keeping secrets, maybe that’s because of Hanna’s big mouth.